Dallas Domestic Violence Shelters

Contact The Gatehouse when you’re looking for a hand up- not a hand out. Keep our name in mind when you’re comparing Dallas domestic violence shelters that offer free resources to women fleeing abusive relationships. Our women’s crisis center equips women for permanent self-sustainability, making us a better option when compared with any other shelter for women. If you need emotional, spiritual, and financial healing, you’ve come to the right place; reach out to us today by calling 817-912-0317 or communicate with us online.

5 Reasons to Choose The Gatehouse Women’s Support Center

1. We offer help for abused and battered women. Our program is one that leads to permanent change, however, we can also provide resources for women who are seeking temporary or long-term housing in the Dallas area. We provide housing to every women enrolled in The Gatehouse Program, although housing is not the focal point of our program; our true mission is to help women overcoming crisis achieve permanent self-sustainability without relying on government assistance.

2. We know that without the right resources, many women will choose to remain in their current situation or return to an abusive relationship. It’s not easy to build a stable income, tackle debt, and build emergency savings without assistance; The Gatehouse’s resources are designed to help single women and mothers achieve dignity through earned success by earning a career-based income that results in financial stability. Along the way, women learn the skills to manage physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

3. Overcoming addition is difficult for anyone, for those who do overcome it, one may still need a hand up to get back on the path of self sustainability. The Gatehouse is is not a drug rehab for those with substance abuse but a place where women facing various challenges can be supported through their services to discover a brighter future and pave a path towards self sustainability.

4. We provide resources for children’ as well. If you’re a mother who is worried about leaving the financial stability of an abusive relationship or toxic home-life, you can rest easy knowing that we have room for you and your children at The Gatehouse. Our Youth Development program keeps kids fully engages and includes weekly counseling sessions.

5. If you are committed to engaging fully in our program, you’ll have the best resources in the Dallas area made available to you. With help from The Gatehouse, you’ll learn about new career opprortunities, secure full-time employment, and get on your feet, able to provide for you and your children.

You don’t have to stay in an abusive environment one minute longer- get in touch with our staff from The Gatehouse by calling 817-912-0317 or explore our website to learn more about the resources available to you. Help is available, not just for today, but in the long-term, so you never have to return to a life where you’re not respected, treated with love, and celebrated for who you are.

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Dallas Domestic Violence Shelters

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