Veterinarian Doral

Whether you have a dog, a cat or another type of animal, your pet is a beloved member of your family. You want to make sure that he is always happy and healthy. It is best to make sure that your pet receives regular care from a veterinarian in Doral. Your pet needs wellness care, health maintenance, dental care and care for an illness or injury. You need to choose a care provider you can trust to give your pet the care he needs at all points in his life.

Pet Wellness and Health Maintenance Services

Your pet needs regular checkups and preventative care to ensure good health for his entire life. A young animal needs vaccinations and other care such as de-worming in order to make sure that he gets a healthy start on life. Sometimes testing is done to make sure that your new pet is free from any serious diseases.

In addition to vaccinations, the veterinarian will also perform an overall health check of your pet. This includes looking at the eyes and ears, checking the heart and respiration and looking at the pet’s weight, coat and overall energy level.

During the first year, your pet requires more attention than usual from a veterinarian in Doral. After the first year, your pet still requires an annual health checkup and vaccinations. In addition, your pet requires dental care from time to time to ensure a healthy mouth and gums. It is important to diagnose and treat illnesses or diseases as early as possible for a more successful outcome.

Specialty Services

When your pet is sick or has suffered an injury you may feel helpless. Your pet needs immediate care from a professional veterinarian in Doral. Your vet will use the latest diagnostic tools available to diagnose so he can develop a treatment plan. All along the way, your vet will keep you informed of the care that your pet needs so you can make informed decisions.

Today’s diagnostic methods offer state-of-the-art methods such as the use of sophisticated x-ray methods that provide veterinarians with the best view of your pet’s internal systems. Some of the same diagnostic methods are used on pets as on humans.

If your pet requires medication or surgical treatment, the vet will provide you with the details. This will give you the opportunity to decide how to handle treatment. Your pet’s health is important and when your pet isn’t feeling well, your vet can help.

In addition to veterinary care, we also offer daycare and pet boarding services. We will take excellent care of your pet and you can rest easy knowing that your pet is in good hands. Whether you want to leave your pet for the day while you are at work or need to board him while you are away on an extended trip, we can help. Our compassionate team is here to ensure that your pet is happy and healthy. When you have a pet, you can count on our professional veterinarian in Doral for all his needs.

Veterinarian Doral