Veterinary Clinic Aventura

Veterinary clinic Aventura helps to keep your animal healthy. Just like us, animals need a health check-up it is suggested to get a check-up on your animals at least once a year. At a wellness check, your pet has their teeth and throat checked. They will also check your pets eyes as well as ears. Lungs and heart are checked as well. The vet will also look at all the other parts of your animals.

At the veterinary clinic, Aventura can also help you with reworking and fecal checks. These help to make sure that your animal does not have parasites that can make your four-legged friend very sick. These parasites can be passed from your pet to you or your family.

Routine blood work is also offered at the vet’s office. This helps to catch any diseases that your dog might have. If caught early enough then it can be treated before it is too late. Flea and tick privation Is another service that veterinary clinic Aventura. This keeps your pet from getting things Like lime disease and other and disease from Fleas and ticks.

Vaccinations are also an important part of care for your pet. Thing like rabies and parvo are things that are prevented by keeping up with your dog’s vaccines. Other things that your veterinary office offer for your pets are things like nutritional counseling which is where the vet will teach you what to look for in your pets food as well as what to watch out for.

Prescription Diets are sometimes needed. Just like us dog can have food allergies and a specialty food is needed. Your vet can help you to find what is wrong and how to fix it with diet. Behavioral counseling come in handy if you are in the 40% of people who have a pet with behavioral issues. The good news that most of these issues can be fixed with the right training.

A newer thing that most veterinary offices offer now is microchipping. This is a way to ensure that if your dog is found that you will get them back. One thing that most people like about microchips is that they work not only in your town but also all over the US.

Within a veterinary office, you will also find Digital Radiology as well as the complete in-house laboratory. Both of these make the test a lot simpler as well as quicker most of the time veterinarians can see results in a matter of minutes instead of hours or even days.

Another thing that veterinary clinic Aventura would have is video otoscopy, electrocardiograms, an endoscope. All of these look at the test and measure different things. But all lead to one thing keeping your pet healthy. The video otoscopy is used when a pet has chronic ear infections. Electrocardiogram or ECG is used in the same way on pets that it in a human to measure the electrical activity of the heart. An endoscope is a tube with a light on it that is used to get a close-up look of your pets internal organs.

At Sky lake animal Hospital here in sunny Miami, FL we offer all of this and more. So come and see us and let us help you keep all your fur babies happy and healthy.

Veterinary Clinic Aventura

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